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Pavani Special School is forever grateful and indebted to the several institutions, philanthropists, officials, people representatives and parents of the special children who have extended support to the noble cause over the past 26 years.

Pavani Special School is receiving 70% grant in aid from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. The remainder grant is to be mobilized from corporates, institutions and philanthropists in order to implement the program in an effective manner. Therefore the founders and members of Pavani Special School look forward to receive support in order to continue to serve and enhance the quality of services being rendered for the benefit of disabled children.
Our wish list ….

School Bus – The special school does not possess own transportation. A mini van or a school bus would significantly mitigate the daily transport woes faced by the students who travel long distances on autos or public transport.

Vocational Unit – It would be a boon for the students if the school is equipped with a vocational unit to equip the students to secure livelihood opportunities to include them into the mainstream of the society and promote the chance to live independently.

Speech Therapy UnitThere is a strong need for a group hearing aid system and a speech therapy unit which requires up gradation along with the services of a qualified speech therapist. 

Volunteers – Enthusiastic volunteers who are desirous of rendering services as instructors, mentors and tutors are more than welcome.
Pavani Special School will meet with warmth and dignity, the skill-building needs of its students and its institutional infrastructure that contribute towards the effective implementation of the envisaged programme. It will also strive to empower the differently abled children to perform to their best of abilities and integrate them as productive and independent members of the society.

Your support will be deeply appreciated
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